Collection: For Children Who Move

Adding some movement to a child's daily life can really help them concentrate, handle their emotions, and pay attention better in school. If a child can get moving during school, at dinner, on car trips, or just hanging out, it can make a big difference in how they get through the day.

Fine Motor (hands) verses Gross Motor (whole body movement) - what is best for you child?  Both!  When children need to move they will get benefit from both the smaller movements of their hands and the larger movements of their whole-body.  Sometimes you and your child will be able to engage in large whole-body movements such as running and climbing. Other times it is more practical to provide your child with a small aid that will give their body movement to support them to sit and focus. 

The products below are designed to give your child movement while fitting into their day and the activities they need to do at school and at home.