About Us

Embracing the Power of Fidgets

"Stop moving, pay attention." It's a phrase that can be frustrating for neurodiverse individuals who find movement essential for focus. At The Spot Sensory Shop in Deakin, we challenge these misconceptions one wobble cushion at a time.

Founded by director Christy Vagg and assistant director Karly Carter, The SPOT Sensory Shop emerged from the heart of Together OT Allied Health Services. Our journey began with a vision to create a space where individuals of all ages could explore the sensory world and benefit from it.

Redefining Fidgets

For many, 'fidgets' may evoke images of spinning gadgets or the subtle click of Pop Its. However, at The Spot Sensory Shop, fidgets encompass a broader definition. They are tools that provide sensory regulation to the body, benefiting not only children but also adults.

We know that many children and adults need to move their hands, doodle, and engage their sense of touch to calm their bodies. This helps them to concentrate, whether in meetings or school.

Explore the Sensory World

The Spot Sensory Shop provides a safe, calm, and colourful space for both adults and children to discover OT-approved fidgets that work for them. We believe in hands-on experience as the best way to find what suits your unique sensory needs.

Join us at The Spot Sensory Shop as we embrace the power of fidgets and celebrate the beauty of neurodiversity, one fidget at a time.


Please take a moment to review our policies to better understand how we strive to make your visit to The SPOT Sensory Shop a positive and enriching one.

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Unit 1, 6B Thesiger Court, Deakin ACT 2600