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Sand Art Sandscapes

Sand Art Sandscapes

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Learning to stay focused and keep our emotions in check is key for kids and grown-ups alike. It's all about doing better in school or work, getting along with others, and making good decisions. Sometimes, chatting about it just doesn’t cut it, especially for folks who respond better to seeing and feeling. That's where sand timers can be a total game-changer! They make time something you can actually see and touch - it's about making the idea of "focusing" a lot more real. It's like having a chill pill for when you're working, learning, or just needing a calm-down moment!

Amazingly sensory and calming these are a new contemporary shape on an old time favourite. Great for in the bedroom or on desk for kids and adults both!

This style is more flexible that most as the round sand art section is not secured into the frame so can be rotated around on any angle to really allow flexibility of sand movement and use. 

Uses the power of gravity to create an ever-changing piece of sand art.  Features black frame with coloured sand.  Clear screen is glass. Not suitable for 6 and under and keep out of reach of young children or those that are likely to be rough with it. 

Round section without base is 17.5 cm across
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