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Time Timer

Time Timer PLUS

Time Timer PLUS

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Originally launched as a 60-minute duration, the Time Timer PLUS has expanded to include 5-minute, 20-minute and 120-minute durations - so there's a timer suited for any activity! The Time Timer PLUS is designed with a large carrying handle, allowing children and adults to foster independent learning and living as they move from activity to activity. 

Time Timer PLUS 20 Minutes

The Time Timer PLUS 20 Minute timer offers a greater visual impact for shorter duration needs such as completing blocks of homework, homeschool learning sessions, silent reading, instrument or sports practice, as well as 15- to 20- minute activities for kids at home. 

The Time Timer PLUS 20 Minute is the new secret weapon for workplace meetings with 15- and 20-minute agenda items to keep each item on track and works perfectly when starting an organizing project at home.  

Time Timer PLUS 5 Minutes

For when you need a little less time, the Time Timer PLUS 5 Minute offers a greater visual impact for shorter duration activities such as brushing teeth, holding a speed round meeting, breathing exercises, and managing daily schedules and breaks for children at home. 

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