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Z Vibe

Z Vibe

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ARK's Z-Vibe® is a must-have vibratory oral motor tool that can help with speech, feeding, and sensory skills.

Trying it out provides a unique sensory experience, plus targeted tactile cues within the mouth. Its gentle vibration offers new levels of stimulation to draw attention to lips, tongue, cheeks, and more.

The Z-Vibe® is also calming, soothing, and organizing! The handle features a non-slip grip with bumps around its circumference, plus a blue Probe Tip and Switch Tip.

Twist the Switch Tip to start the vibrations (be careful not to overtighten). Get ready for an oral motor assessment like no other!

Combine the Pen Tip with the Z-Vibe® handle and you'll get the Tran-Quill Pen®, the ideal sensory tool for honing handwriting skills. ARK's Tran-Quill® Pen features a smooth, gentle vibration that won't interfere with the actual writing/drawing (no wiggly lines here!).

With its vibration, texture, & weight, this vibrating pen set can help improve focus & concentration, boost rote muscle memory, normalize writing pace, strengthen & improve hand dexterity, and decrease grip force when holding a crayon.

Perfect for homework, note-taking and more, this set is a must-have for anyone with sensory integration issues or poor fine motor skills.

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